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  Why Ally Infokey ?  
Let's put the question the other way round…. Why not us?

We are rapid and at the same time reliable.
With over a half a decade of operational experience, we come with a rich heritage of domain expertise, world-class service delivery, state-of-the-art technology, quality processes and highly skilled manpower.
We follow a tradition of strong Process Management, Client relationship management and world-class Quality. At Ally InfoKey, Excellence is tolerated and Perfection is what we work for.
We don’t deliver; we strive to exceed delivery expectations.
Quality, Quantity and Time are the three principles which we always look out for and our Religion – The 2 “R” s Rapid and Reliable delivery of services help us to relate the three principles.
Ally Infokey solutions is the best choice for individual Doctors, Practices and Hospitals who outsource work to offshore medical transcription companies in India.
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