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1 What is a Medical Transcription?
Medical transcription is the process in which the medical records that are dictated by doctors, other Health care professionals are converted to documents in required format.
2 Do you provide HIPAA complaint medical transcription services?
Yes, we have executed some technical as well as administrative actions following the HIPAA regulations in order to safeguard the privacy and personal health information about the patients.
3 How can be the dictation transferred to you?
  You can upload your dictations in to our secured FTP servers.
4 What are security measures taken by you while transferring the data ?
While you send your dictations from your computer to our secured FTP servers, 128 SSL encryption of data or 256-bit AES encryption of data is performed.
5 Are there any redundancies for your dictation and FTP servers?
Yes, our secured servers are built with fault tolerant, mirrored drives. So we have a ready redundant system in case of any failures and a backup system if primary system fails.
6 How are your fees based on?
Our fees are normally based on per line, but we also offer quote per page, per minute of dictation, etc., depending on client requirements.
7 Do your medical transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements?
Yes, all of our transcriptionists and other staff sign on non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before working with us which is effective for two years post their disassociation from the company.
8 What quality measures do you undergo?
We have three levels of word-by-word quality check performed by our senior editors and proof readers. The Transcribed documents are checked for any spelling errors, omissions, and formatting, etc., before they are uploaded.
9 Do you have any sub-contractors for our transcription work?
No, all the transcription's are processed at our office, so we have better security and control over patient information.
10 How long do you maintain our dictations and transcripts?
We usually delete voice files in one week and the transcripts in one month. Although, it is left to the clients to decide how long we should archive their dictations and transcription charts.
11 How long you take to accommodate us?
We accommodate you with up to 10 doctors right now and can handle further doctors within a very short period of time.
12 How can I be confident of your Internet security issues?
All communications between your computer and our server is protected with Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL). No one can “listen in” the conversation between the computers. You can confirm this by looking for the little padlock icon used by the Netscape, Mozilla Forefox and the Internet Explorer to designate a secure site. When you register with us you can get the advantage of this security and be assured that your data and patient information will be encrypted.
13 What is the turn-around time of your medical transcriptions?
Generally transcriptions will be available for your review and printing before 9 AM the following day, which will be less than 24 hours turn-around time.
14 What is your average turn-around time?
  We provide excellent turn-around time of about 8 to 24 hours guaranteed.
15 What turnaround times do you offer?
You can select turn around times to meet your needs – 48 hour, 24 hour, and 12 hour. You may choose different default turn around times by report type or you can specify that with each report.
16 What is the cost of your service?
We normally charge on the basis of turnaround time and per line, holding the Billing Method Principles approved by the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance in 2001. The real rates come very cheap in comparison to in-house or other outsourced agencies, at least 10-80%, because of innovative use of transcription methods like template, and smooth & informed workflow. We are happy to quote you a price of 7 cents (USD) per line. Read our Pricing page for more details.
17 How much can I save by outsourcing transcription services to you?
Our research indicates that the in-house transcriptions can cost as high as 40 cents per line. Our competitors in this field charge up to 17 cents per line. But our service can run as low as 7* cents per line. This means that you can save 25 to 80% from anywhere.
18 Are there any other fees included?
19 What are the payment methods?
Payment can be made either by Check, Bank Wire transfer, Paypal, Western union or Money gram.
20 Where are you located ?
We are a India based offshore Medical Transcription Services Provider. We are one of the best medical transcription companies in India.
21 Do you have any references for your service?
For the new customers who are interested in evaluating our services, after the free 3 day trial period, we can provide them with some of our existing customer contact details which they can use for further references.
  For free trial request, please fill the request information form.
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