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Ally Infokey Solutions, the low cost medical transcription services company charges a very competitive rate of 7 cents (USD) per line. This is among the lowest in the world!
Cheap Medical Transcription Services Line Count:
Our line charge medical transcription rate is calculated per 65 characters (without spaces), not as a visible line. Consequently, fonts, font sizing, spacing and the number of pages do not matter for determining medical transcription prices.
We count the number of printable characters, divide by 65 (characters per line) and multiply by our rates (7 cents USD) per line.
Billing for our medical transcription services is conveniently sent out electronically, at the beginning of the following month. Invoices are sent by e-mail and include a detailed log count for each dictation transcribed by our transcriptionists the previous month. Payment is accepted by check and wire transfers. The payments are due by the 15th of each month.
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